Royal Selection

Cheese and Fruit Delice

Cheese and fruit go naturally well together. Both have their own well-defined characters but, when combined, they produce subtle flavours. Let the cheese approach room temperature and try the cheese by itself first. Then try a morsel with some Belberry cheese pairing preserve to gain and enjoy a new taste perspective. These confits are less sweet than traditional jams and they will bring, used as relish to accompany cheese, a little extra touch of the unexpected for guaranteed success with your guests.


Figs & Black Pepper (Serve with: Roquefort / Stilton)
Rhubarb & Muscat Wine (Serve with: Brebis / Chèvre)
Raspberry & Star Anise (Serve with: Vacherin / Époisses)
Apricots & Cumin (Serve with: Camembert / Brie)


130 g