Royal Selection

Fruit and Vegetable Vinegar

These deliciously balanced vinegars will ravish all the healthy food lovers. Mix the vinegar with some extra virgin olive oil and you have a fresh and pulp-filled dressing perfect for salads, beef or tuna carpaccio, asian inspired recipes, and other cold dishes. Deglaze with the mango or raspberry flavors after cooking meat or poultry
for a great sauce. The vinegars can also be used to prepare a marinade or you can also drizzle some over cooked dishes like grilled king prawns and vegetables.


Black Currant Vinegar, Sweet Raspberry Vinegar, Sweet Tomato Vinegar, Red Bell Pepper Vinegar, Cameroon Mango Vinegar, Kalamansi Citrus Vinegar, Fresh Lime Vinegar, Green Cucumber Vinegar


200 ml