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The history of the “Royal Marmalade” begins in 1956 following a rather particular request. The wife of the local pharmacist wanted André Vandererfven to cook original marmalade with an old traditional recipe because she was getting too old to do the heavy work herself. Even today, the recipe remains the same. Our marmalade owns a perfect balance in taste thanks to the use of the best citrus fruits from all over the world: sweet oranges from Morocco, pink grapefruits from Florida, Seville oranges from Spain, blood oranges from Sicily and wild lemons from Italy. Only the best is good enough for our marmalades, even when it comes to fruit combinations.


Seville orange, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Lemon, 4 Citrus, Orange & Lime, Mandarin

215g – 880g – 3kg
6 jars in one box – 4 buckets (3kg) in one box

Question about Extra Marmalade?

High quality fruit and the finest sugars in order to create delicious preserves.

These Extra “light” Jams are suitable for diabetics or people willing to reduce their sugar intake.

A well-balanced blend between high quality fruit and fine liquors.

Only the perfect blends for the finest spreadables. As ever, nothing but the best.

Honey in Tea, honey with cheese, honey for pastry… Get creative.

High quality fruit and the finest sugars in order to create delicious preserves.

Find our customer’s favourites flavours in small portions. Enjoy your breakfast!

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