Sicilan Blinding Night Scrub

Italian cocktail night at home!


1 dl or 3.4 fl oz Picon CoPIN
2 cl or 0.7 fl oz vodka
1 dl or 3.4 fl oz tonic
3 dl or 10 fl oz Spumante or Cava
5 cl or 1.7 fl oz Sicilian Mandarin Vinager BELBERRY
1 tangerine cut into pieces / remove the skin

  1. Make your cocktail glass cold with ice cubes
  2. Simply shake up all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes
  3. Spread some tangerine segments at the bottom of the ice-cold glass
  4. Strain the Sicilian Blinding Night Scrub into the chilled glass and top up your glass with the Spumante or Cava.