Cheese & Fruit Delice

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Cheese and fruit go naturally well together. Both have their own well-defined characters but, when combined, they produce a tantalising array of subtle flavours. Belberry has created four recipes, each designed to accent and bring out the best of different varieties of speciality cheeses. The confits are less sweet than traditional jams and, when used as relish to accompany cheese, bring a little extra touch of the unexpected for the unsuspecting guest.


Fig & Black Pepper, Rhubarb & Muscat Wine, Raspberry & Star Anise, Apricot & Cumin

130g – 880g
6 jars in one box

Question about Cheese & Fruit Delice?

Only the perfect blends for the finest spreadables. As ever, nothing but the best.

Honey in Tea, honey with cheese, honey for pastry… Get creative.

Get creative with these authentic, sweet flavours.

 Sweet, surprising and versatile; these syrups will add an extra touch to your drinks.

 Sweet, surprising and versatile; these syrups will add an extra touch to your drinks.

Get inspired!

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Easy but fancy appetizers that will ravish all you guests. You can also savour these as a delicious and healthy cheesy snack.

The most classic and best known tagine is braised chicken flavoured with saffron, turmeric, olives and moroccan preserved lemons. This recipe is definitely based on it but much sweeter. It will be a family favourite in no time.


Sweet figs and a salty blue cheese like Dolcelatte are a perfect blend in taste. This seasonal starter is simple to make and looks pretty on the plate. You can also have this salad for lunch or for dinner.