Fresh Salmon and Beetroot Carpaccio

This carpaccio is simply delicious, refreshing and perfect for the health conscious. The earthy beetroot flavour will lift the taste of the salmon.This easy yet delicious recipe will amaze all your guests.


– 12 slices Scottish salmon (140 g per person)
– thinly sliced and cooked red beet
– fresh dill leaves
– 100 g Belberry Apple Jelly
– 3 cl beetroot juice
– 5 cl Belberry Red Bell Pepper Vinegar
– 5 cl Belberry Bloody Beetroot Ketchup
– finely chopped dill
– milled black pepper

  1. For the marinade: mix the bell pepper vinegar, the beetroot juice and the chopped dill together, season with a few turns of the pepper mill.
  2. Arrange the salmon on 4 plates and pour the marinade equally over it. Leave to marinate during minimum 20 minutes before serving.
  3. PRESENTATION: Finish with a spoonful apple jelly, thin slices red beet, crunchy toast pieces and add sprigs of fresh dill.
  4. OTHER SUGGESTIONS: You can replace the salmon by other delicious fish, like sea bass or Atlantic cod