Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Easy but fancy appetizers that will ravish all you guests. You can also savour these as a delicious and healthy cheesy snack.

Figs, blue cheese and Balsamic Glaze

Sweet figs and a salty blue cheese like Dolcelatte are a perfect blend in taste. This seasonal starter is simple to make and looks pretty on the plate. You can also have this salad for lunch or for dinner.  

Fresh Salmon and Beetroot Carpaccio

This carpaccio is simply delicious, refreshing and perfect for the health conscious. The earthy beetroot flavour will lift the taste of the salmon.This easy yet delicious recipe will amaze all your guests.

Spring salad

This very colourful but rustic dish is the perfect starter to every dinner. If you serve it with a slice of crusty bread, it is substantial enough for a light lunch or supper. Butternut squash and Parma ham give a great twist to a classic salad.