Irish beef tartare – oyster – onion confit

Time to impress your guests or family with some creative cooking.
Surf and turf is a perfect combo. Just do it!


12 Zeeland Creuses 4
12 green dune asparagus or green asparagus tips
30 gr or 1.05 oz Onion & raspberry confit
2 dl or 6.8 fl oz Sweet Raspberry Vinegar BELBERRY

For the beef tartare:
Irish beef fillet 320 gr or 11.28 oz
1 pipe onion, finely chopped
Black pepper

  1. Open the oysters and keep the oyster liquid. Sieve the liquid through a fine cloth and drain the oysters. Mix the oyster liquid with the confit to a vinaigrette
  2. Cut the Irish beef into a fine tartar and mix with spring onions. Season with black pepper, coarse sea salt and vinaigrette
  3. Arrange a presentation ring and fill it with the flavoured tartare
  4. Finish off with 3 Zeeland oysters, some candied red onion and dune peppers
  5. Spoon some vinegar around.