Risotto with elderflower and strawberry

The Belgian touch to the Italian dessert.


400 gr or 14 oz risotto rice (Arborio or Carnaroli)
50 gr or 1.8 oz butter
1 L or 34 fl oz milk
40 gr or 1.4 oz caster sugar
1 dl or 3.3 fl oz Elderflower Vinegar BELBERRY
200 gr of 7 oz Belgian strawberries uncropped in quarters
White chocolate
Fresh sage

  1. Heat up the milk with the sugar until it melts.
  2. Warm the butter with the rice, do not fry.
  3. Now pour the lukewarm milk into the rice in 4 batches and let it soak each time. Take it off the heat and let it get lukewarm, finish with the Elderflower Vinegar and grated white chocolate.
  4. Present the risotto lukewarm topped with the strawberries, some chopped sage, chocolate shavings and wet extra drops of Elderflower Vinegar.