Traybaked salmon, vegetables and preserved lemons

On busy days (or during a lazy weekend) an oven-baked dinner is a gift from heaven. With this easy recipe you will whip up an healthy dish on the table. The salmon provides omega-3 and the crispy vegetables will give you a serious vitamin boost!

Homemade Burger

Time to impress your guests or family with some creative cooking. Nothing can go wrong with this meat burger and it’s perfect topping combo. You can serve these delicious hamburgers with a mixed green salad or french fries (chips).  

Thai prawn and angler fish stew

This Thai-inspired recipe will definitely achieve the “wow” effect. If you’re not fond of zucchini , you can replace it by thinly sliced red and orange bell peppers. The mix of flavours and textures makes it a perfect dinner for every occasion.

Exquisite zabaglione

Zabaglione is a famous Italian dessert that is usually served with sliced fresh fruit or berries. It can be savoured warm, cold, as a sauce or even frozen. This is a quick and outstanding dessert.

Pineapple, yellow cream and puff pastry biscuits

Looking for an easy but impressive looking dessert? The sweet pineapple cream and the crunchy pieces of Napoleon candy make a perfect balance of the different flavours and textures. This sweet yellowish dessert is going to be the star on your table.

Spring salad

This very colourful but rustic dish is the perfect starter to every dinner. If you serve it with a slice of crusty bread, it is substantial enough for a light lunch or supper. Butternut squash and Parma ham give a great twist to a classic salad.